Aghor Foundation is a unique blend of spirituality and social service that runs projects in the holy city of Varanasi.

The Foundation’s Work

Vision: We envision a society of heart-centered citizens living their highest ideals with environmental awareness.

Mission: Aghor Foundation inspires and provides a stage for individuals to connect with their inner peace and live a life of selfless service. Each initiative borne of Aghor Foundation has a ripple effect, being a replicable model in the community.


Our Projects

Bal Ashram

Safe home where previously abandoned and orphaned children thrive in a culturally rich setting.

Amrit Sagar

Educational environmental center demonstrating and teaching sound practices and sustainable methods.

Anjali School

Serves nearly 250 orphaned and street children who might not otherwise have access to education.

Project Shakti

Vocational training and financial help program for underprivileged women to empower them by enabling them to acquire skills, further education and earn livelihoods.

Vision Varanasi

Recently opened Vision Varanasi Eye Hospital hospital is equipped to provide quality care to the underserved in the community and bring eye clinics to remote areas.

Shanti Niketan

Shanti Niketan means “abode of peace.” With this ideal of a safe and loving environment, Shanti Niketan, a hostel for needy girls and young women was started.

The Foundation works to integrate these projects into one another. The boys of the Bal Ashram provide sewa in the Amrit Sagar farm – planting, designing, building, guiding and teaching visitors, and selling the goods – in such a way that they learn valuable skills related to education, business, agriculture, teamwork, and communication. Just as importantly they learn to give selflessly, to see the connection between humans and their environment, and grow as individuals. In the same way all the projects of the Aghor Foundation are interconnected to provide that synergy and development.

The Aghor Foundation is a unique blend of spirituality and social service that runs projects in the holy city of Varanasi. It was founded by Baba Harihar Ramji in 2000 in Varanasi with the dream of fostering a society free of inner (stress) and outer (environmental) pollution.

The Foundation inspires individuals to connect with their inner peace through meditation. When we as human beings experience inner fullness, utilizing our talents and strengths towards the betterment of the world becomes our natural response. Regardless of race or religion, all are invited to participate in the Foundation’s service projects.

Nurturing and caring for the inner and outer environments is at the core of the Aghor Foundation’s work. All initiatives of the Aghor Foundation embody the following guiding principles:

  • Promoting self-growth and development based on the ancient wisdom of the sages.
  • Valuing and respecting humanity and nature through socially responsible choices.
  • Addressing the well-being of an individual through education, health, and best environmental practices.
  • Combining the best of the East and West to implement innovative, practical solutions.
  • Creating paradigms for workable models that inspire others to follow.
  • Making others happy brings fulfillment and joy to an individual and community.

We appreciate all donations.

We count on continuous support from donors to fund our social initiatives.