“Learn to remain within yourself.

Truth lies only within.”

- Wisdom of Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram -

Aghor Foundation

Aghor Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to combining service and spirituality. The foundation’s projects embrace and put into practice the timeless teachings of Aghor, the ancient mystical lineage with roots in Varanasi, India.

The foundation is located in the southern part of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. A beautiful campus comprises the Bal Ashram and Anjali School, overlooking the river Ganges and the city of Varanasi.

Adjacent to the main campus is Vision Varanasi eye hospital and just across the river is Amrit Sagar Environmental Center; both are sewa initiatives of the foundation.

Our Guru

Baba Harihar Ramji is the founder and spiritual leader of the foundation, our guru. He is the founder of the Sonoma Ashram in the United States, and divides his time between here and there. He is a disciple of Agoreshwar Bhagwan Ramji, founder of the modern traditions of Aghor.

Vision & Mission

We envision a society of heart-centered citizens living their highest ideals with environmental awareness. Aghor Foundation inspires and provides a stage for individuals to connect with their inner peace and live a life of selfless service. Each initiative borne of Aghor Foundation has a ripple effect, being a replicable model in the community.

Volunteer & Visit

We welcome volunteers of all sorts. Please understand, that in order to prevent an undue burden on our staff, we can only accommodate some volunteers. Not all requests can be met, and the Foundation will base its decision on the needs of the entire organization.

Our Initiatives

Bal Ashram

Safe home where previously abandoned and orphaned children thrive in a culturally rich setting.

Amrit Sagar

Educational environmental center demonstrating and teaching sound practices and sustainable methods.

Anjali School

Serves nearly 250 orphaned and street children who might not otherwise have access to education.

Project Shakti

Vocational training and financial help program for underprivileged women to empower them by enabling them to acquire skills, further education and earn livelihoods.

Vision Varanasi

Recently opened Vision Varanasi Eye Hospital hospital is equipped to provide quality care to the underserved in the community and bring eye clinics to remote areas.

Shanti Niketan

“Shanti Niketan” means “abode of peace.” With this ideal of a safe and loving environment this hostel for needy girls and young women was started.


Sonoma Ashram is Aghor Foundation’s sister organization and a permanent partner based in California, USA